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The Opera Pod

Dec 16, 2021

Leaving home at just sixteen to get a place at a London drama school, Anna-Marie needed to support herself, so walking around the Royal Opera House she found her way to a stage door, and was brave enough to ask for a job.  Beginning as an usher, and working her way onto the stage as a performer, Anna-Marie has become a regular actor at UK opera houses including Glyndebourne and the Royal Opera House, alongside juggling a diverse acting career. More recently she has branched out into revival choreography and movement direction, and she’s acted as opera advisor on film.  Directors such as Mariame Clément now create roles in operas especially for her, integrating her completely into the drama. Anna-Marie chats with Nina about the highs and lows of negotiating her way through a career where 90% of actors are out of work at any given time.

Find out more about Anna-Marie Sullivan on her website here and on the Royal Opera House website here

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